Life experience degrees



Your life experience or work experience can now be converted into a college credit to earn you an accredited online life experience college degree. Education is considered to be the backbone of any profession. No matter how hard you work, how long you work for, how experienced you are, you would always be considered a second option when it comes to growth and opportunities within your work environment, provided that you are not equipped with a college degree. Our accredited programs are specially tailored to help you cater that need, by enrolling you to accredited life experience degree programsbased on your work experience or life experience, so that it slingshots you directly to the designation you deserve, not only at the national level but at international level as well.

Traditional education is the thing of the past now; online life experience degrees is what the buzz is all about.Our life experience degree programs offers accredited degrees for various majors in which u excel. We value your hard earned life experience and that’s why our university doesn’t discriminate between any kinds of life experience. You can have any kind of experience and we will make sure that you get the proper college credit for it.You can choose between different majors based either on your area of interest or on your current work exposure. For instance; if you have a marketing exposure, your preference of degree can either be sales, marketing or brand management and so on.


College credit for life experience degree programs can be earned as well, which would then be used towards the progress of your program. The process is simple, your experience documents would be processed and analyzed by our faculty and program coordinator, on the basis of which, college credit would be offered to you for your program. Then all you need to do, is complete the remaining college credit by registering yourself for the remaining courses, completing them and then finally achieving an accredited life experience degrees from our prestigious university.

The core benefit for the online life experience degrees is that it saves you the two most important things in your life; Time and Money. You do not need to waste your precious time in commuting, further, you can study for the degree program at your own feasible time and place by simply logging into our portal through your student ID anywhere, anytime. This would help you to continue your job and social life while accumulating the educational concepts at your own pace and proceeding towards the completion of the program.


Accredited life experience degree is authorized by the department of education. Further, there is no age or occupation limit for the registration process. Anyone from any discipline can apply for life experience degree programs. The registration process is made simplistic and hassle-free. You just need to fill out the registration form provided on our website. After which your case would be assigned to a specific spokesperson, who would then contact you and guide you through the rest of the process.